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Are you looking for After builders cleaners or Post-construction cleaning in London ?.We are one of the best and affordable professional construction and after renovation cleaning company in London and Uk. Our local professional After builders cleaners are well trained and have years of experience to provide high maintenance and efficient services from construction sites to entire housing development and high rise buildings. Detailed cleaning specifications for every site is prepared by our site managers on every project we undertake in London and the Uk. With our portal and dedicated After Builders management team we stay ahead of your post-construction cleaning service and ensure you receive high-quality cleaning service and a comprehensive low cleaning price. We keep our cost to clean a house after construction service cheap and affordable.

After builders cleaning Service in London and Uk



After builders, professional cleaning team in London has their insurance ready for any unforeseen events that can take place while they are working. Our credibility is also measured through customer referrals and online reviews and we have a good cleaning reputation in London. Depending on the availability of our cleaners in London, we also provide same-day and instant After Builders Cleaning Services. 100% quality of work and we guaranteed your full deposit back after every home clean. Get free Quote  BOOK NOW


We accept only the most reliable and competent cleaners to work for us in  London, we know that our After Builders Cleaning Services cleaners are the best and cheap in London because that is what our clients tell us. All of our cleaners go through proper checks, fully referenced, ID and security checked as well as being able to have a good command of English to enable easy communication with our customers.

CONVENIENT  AFTER BUILDERS CLEANING COMPANY NEAR ME IN LONDON. is an outstanding quality After Builders Cleaning Services company near me in each postcode in London, with best cleaning service practice and integrity, we can clean anything you avail to us in London! Our domestic cleaning service is cheap and convenient for all people students, mothers, father including senior people too. Even if you just need help with one-off cleaning services, move out cleaning, office deep cleaning, post tenancy cleaning Service, apartment deep cleaning services or residential deep cleaning service we are ready to help. Some of the prices of these packages are calculated on unit price so you can dictate how long you need our cleaners to spend on your home.02082438675/07704499473.


Whether you’re looking for housekeepers or cleaning lady to cover office or household cleaning in London, then our fantastic professional cleaners will be good for you. our cleaning team will keep your offices sparkling clean with minimal disruption to your employees or their valuables at an affordable cost.


Our London Home and Commercial Office Construction cleaners will perform an effective cleaning of the dust, hoovering, removal of spots and stains from plaster and paint from all surfaces, floor and woodwork polishing, deep bathroom and kitchen cleaning, stair and hallway cleaning, tile cleaning, as well as other cleaning services. We can do this Commercial office cleaning at night depending on the arrangement. Our only requirement is that the builders are finished with the construction, refurbishment or renovations before we proceed with the after builders cleaning.

So, if you need someone to give you a hand and expertly clean up after a renovation in your business or home property – book our affordable, professional service right away! 02082438675/07704499473

CHEAP AFTER BUILDERS CLEANING COMPANY NEAR ME IN LONDON. are committed professional cheap After Builders cleaning company near me in each postcode in London and we have been proving the best residential and commercial After Builders cleaners in London for the last 10 years. Whether you’re looking for an end-of-tenancy clean, a weekly refreshing of your home, one-off clean, specialist carpet deep cleaning, after tenancy cleaning, office/corporate cleaners, furniture and upholstery work or anything else, we’ll get the right people promptly to your part of After Builders cleaning service will Include, general deep cleaning, windows, washrooms deep cleaning, kitchen deep cleaning, floor cleaning and carpet cleaning, skirting and many more find out more how we can help 02082438675/07704499473  CHECK OUR SERVICES


Our post-renovation cleaning team in London will manage all the deep moving in cleaning process that requires to be performed to make your property sparkly clean and ready. Whether you are renting a home or selling your existing property, we can make your life much easier through our professional post-renovation cleaning services. We offer the best and affordable after builders cleaning services in London to offices, residential properties, apartments and commercial properties. Let us show you our fantastic move out cleaning skills. Get your place cleaned with us. It’s simple, affordable, and convenient. 
What is our move Out Cleaning Services Ideal For?
TENANTS: As per tenancy Agreement, Tenants must leave the building fresh and clean to be able to get their security deposit back. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we clearly understand the criteria and the standards required by the estate agents and inventory companies. Our move out cleaning process is reliable, safe, efficient and guarantee high quality of work in every home visit. Get your place cleaned. It’s simple, affordable, and convenient.
 LANDLORDS: If you are a property owner, you will require all the assistance you can find to make your home more sought after. understand the first impression is vital when leasing a property, and we take the responsibility to ensure the property is cleaned well, we also carry out a set of specific inspections after each cleaning to ensure the property is cleaned well and meet the required standards.
LEASING AGENTS: We have been in the move out cleaning service industry for 10 years, we understand the importance of long term business bonding is most helpful to organizations. You can trust to manage all the move out cleaning services you may require.02082438675,07704499473!  BOOK NOW  


We offer the best and affordable deep cleaning service in London. One-off deep cleaning service is a specialist cleaning service required as part of environmental policy or as a one-off thorough home cleaning Service. Our deep cleaning service in London will cover areas that are normally missed by regular cleaning service. Our company offers deep cleaning services in London to residential apartments, schools, hospitals and offices, as well as the end of tenancy or moving house deep cleaning. Our deep cleaning services include
The average After builders cleaning cost for a small 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment cleaning London is £15p/h for standard cleaning and £135 flat fee for after builders clean. For a large 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment cleaning, prices will start at £198 -£380 for standard cleaning, and go up to £280-£400 or more for a post-construction or After builders clean. Get free estimates for after builders today in London.


Are you considering hiring a cleaner for After Builders Cleaning Services in London? After Builders Cleaning Services costs are a major factor to consider when you are planning After Builders Cleaning Services and it can vary widely depending on your location and the size of your house in London. Use our cleaning guideline below;


After Builders Cleaning Services in London, London United Kingdom               Prices
Studio After Builders Cleaning in London£128
One Bedrooms After Builders Cleaning service in London£148
Two-Bedroom After Builders Cleaning in London£158
Three Bedrooms After Builders Cleaning in London£198
Four Bedrooms After Builders Cleaning in London£258
Five Bedrooms After Builders cleaning service in London£398
Six Bedrooms After Builders cleaning service in  London£420

Prices may vary depending on the area, The prices mentioned include single oven only.

COMPARE AND FIND AFTER BUILDERS CLEANING COMPANIES NEAR LONDON is one of the most sought after After Builders Cleaning Services companies near London because that’s what our customers tell us after we provide them with a cleaning service. We love to work magic to exceed our end of tenancy customers expectations in London, using top of the range cleaning solutions and equipment that are both eco-friendly and won’t cause any damage to your furniture, hard floors, whether tiled or polished wood, upholstery and more will be maintained to your specifications. CHECK OUR SERVICES


  • WHOLE HOUSE: Wipe down all doors, Wipe light switches, Wipe skirting boards, Vacuum carpet, and mop all floors.
  • KITCHEN: Wipe kitchen door, Wipe light switches, Wash up dishes, Clean hob, Clean inside/outside microwave, Clean exterior of Oven, Clean sink, Wipe inside/outside fridge if required, Wipe outside of the kitchen cabinets, Wipe all major surfaces, Wipe washing machine, Wipe dishwasher, Clean inside windows and window sills, change all the bins Vacuum carpet and mop the floors.
  • LIVING ROOM: Wipe door, Wipe light switches, Wipe skirting boards, Clean mirrors, Wipe table, Dust all surfaces, Clean inside windows and window sills, Vacuum carpet, Wash floor if necessary.
  • BEDROOMS: Wipe entrance doors, Wipe light switches and remove cobwebs, Wipe all skirting boards, Clean mirrors and glasses, Dust and polish all surfaces, Clean inside windows and window sills, Vacuum carpet and mop the floors
  • BATHROOMS: Wipe all doors, Wipe and dust light switches, Scrub and de-scale bath, taps, and showers, Scrub and disinfect toilet and toilet seat, Scrub and de-scale bathroom sinks, Clean tiles, wipe all surfaces, Clean mirrors, Clean inside windows and window sills, Vacuum carpet removing air, mop the floors if needed.

Get free Quote today in your local area 02082438675/07704499473CHECK OUR SERVICES


There are a few factors that will affect how we determine the cleaning cost and prices of your property in London. These are:
    • The size of your home and the number of toilets
    •  Frequency of cleaning (Regular or One-Off deep cleaning services)
    •  The number of windows on the premises.
    • Time of Booking -If you book a cleaner after 6 pm will cost you more
    • Location of your home will influence the price you get charged for End of Tenancy clean
    • Experience and the size of the cleaning company your hiring.
Get Free After Builders Cleaning Services Quote in London -02083438675,07704499473.

Basic After Builders cleaning service may include:

  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean/sanitize sinks
  • Dusting and furniture polishing
  • Wipe down cabinet facings
  • Clean glass doors
End of tenancy cleaning

Not only will we provide you with a full- After Builder cleaning service, cleaning program, but we will provide you with all your cleaning supplies and manage the inventory for you, freeing up your time to do what you do best.

Our  After Builders cleaners will ensure you’ll receive a healthy, thorough house cleaning with every visit. We’ll tackle mould and mildew. We’ll eliminate dust. We’ll eliminate on pet dander and hair. We use cleaning products that are friendly to the environment—that includes Mother Nature’s home and your own.

Ready to make a healthy home a clean habit? Get your free estimate for After Builders house cleaning services in London

Frequently Asked Questions

You dont need to sign any contract for After Builders cleaning Services unless its several properties in that case we will sighn an agreement that outlines the services to be provided, the frequency, price, and payment terms. The a.

Its often to maintain a high level of cleanliness around your home or commercial office,this task covers hoovering,mopping the floors,cleaning bathrooms ,sinks,mirrors,bath rooms,cleaning the kitchen ,wiping down work surfaces and removing dust in all surfaces , cupboard doors,skirting and removing cobwebs around the home

Yes you can request additional service and we will ensure yout  priorities and needs  are met


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