Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide the best customer service and to answer all of your questions in a timely manner. Below are
just some of the frequently asked questions we receive form customers.

This will depend with the type of service you require, we do not need you to sign contract unless the cleaning is going to last more than 30 days then both parties  have to sign an agreement that outlines the service to be provided,frequency,price and payment terms.clear communication will be provided.

This is normally to maintain a level of cleanliness around your home or office,it covers hoovering ,mopping the floors,cleaning bathrooms,sinks,mirrors,bathrooms,cleaning the kitchens ,wiping down work surfaces and cupboard doors,removing cobwebs and removing limescales.

We value trust and convenience that’s why we provide the same cleaner every time also your household cleaning routine won’t be disrupted if the cleaner is off sick on appointment day we will provide replacement.

You can request specific cleaning requirements  during booking. Your requirements will then be passed to the House cleaner immediately,so your Domestic Housekeeper knows exactly how you want your home cleaned.You can add or delete information at least 24 hours before your next home visit,so the cleaner can have the chance to read them! have 10 years experience in the cleaning industry and have acquired a reputation for excellence,our cleaners are insured, background checked,work history verified,fully trained and we consistently monitor the progress of our projects  maintaining communication with our clients ensuring their needs are met.

All bookings are processed through our main office and cannot be done directly from our cleaners on the ground.The client is liable for an employment referral fee of £500per person should he directly employ (either Legally or on Cash basis)anyone currently employed/subcontructed by the company within one year period prior to such employment

In the invent there is a damage caused by our cleaners,please provide proof of damage within 24 Hours,including photos & full details of the damage/breakage.while the cleaners make every effort not to break items accident do happen for this specific reason the company request  all irreplaceable items monetary or sentimetal value be stored away, please note that the policy  would not cover the cost of general wear and tear caused by normal cleaning. although we have insurance policy to cover damages such us fire or serious injuries you will be required to pay minimum excess of £260 to claim this policy


We want to leave a happy client every time therefore we endeavour to rectify any cleaning problem free of charge by either sending the cleaners back.However if we fail to rectify this issue within reasonable time,we will make refund in respect of the part of the service we have failed to deliver.

We are opened Monday-Sunday except Christmas day

Maintenance is key to ensuring your house is kept looking at its best year round! We recommend having your home cleaned every 2 weeks, but know every customer’s needs are different. Our domestic cleaning team offer an array of scheduling options to ensure their services are easy and convenient for you! Most of our first time customers will begin services by having the Spring Cleaning (detailed service), and follow up with the Regular cleaning serrvice

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